Project team

Katrin Lange

Katrin Lange holds a diploma in political science from University Leipzig. She is project coordinator and research officer of the Observatory. Previously, she worked for the Agency for the Second Gender Equality Report of the German Federal Government at the Institute for Social Work and Social Education (2015-2018), for the German Woman Lawyers Association (2012-2016), and for the European Movement Germany (2010-11). Her fields of expertise include national and international gender equality policy.

E-mail: katrin.lange(at)
Position: project coordinator and research officer

Maike Merkle

Maike Merkle holds a master’s degree in Sociology and Education Science from the Darmstadt University of Technology and the University Toulouse II Le Mirail. During her studies she worked as a research assistant for the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) in Frankfurt/Main where she wrote her master’s thesis. Her fields of expertise include elderly (care) policies, demographic change, as well as policies, programmes and projects adressing dementia research and issues in European countries.

E-Mail: maike.merkle(at)
Position: research officer

Sarah Molter
Sarah Molter studied Sociology and Social Policy in Heidelberg, Bremen and Amsterdam. Her research focus during the master programm laid on European Labor Market Policy and Social Security.

E-mail: sarah.molter(at)
Position: research officer

Marie Wittenius

Marie Wittenius has an academic background in European Studies (University of Osnabrück) and in International Relations/ Peace and Conflict Research (Goethe University Frankfurt). In her prior work for the European External Action Service and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) she focused on political challenges in the areas of humanitarian aid and development cooperation. Here, she especially worked on climate change and justice, women‘s and girls‘ rights as well as migration policies.

E-mail: marie.wittenius(at)
Position: research officer

Sabrina Köhnke

Sabrina Köhnke is a Master's student of North American Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. Her main focus areas are politics and literature. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies and English from the University of Bremen. Her main interests include international cooperation and social participation as well as modern working conditions and “work 4.0”.

E-mail: sabrina.koehnke(at)
Position: student assistant